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Thanks to a vast experience in the glass production in Follonica, we are able to guarantee truly exceptional products, with installation services even on old windows.
During our long and fruitful business, we have collected a wide range of support from both private and public customers, installing our glasses and crystals to protect homes, buildings, stores and public offices.
We are specialized in the execution of:

  • Tempered glass: the heat treatment allows to increase up to five times the characteristics of mechanical resistance.
  • Safety crystals: anti-intrusion, accident prevention and shatterproof.
  • Custom-made mirrors: suitable for the characteristics of your furniture.
  • Stained glass: the design and aesthetics of glass with the guarantee of durable products.
  • Safety glazing: glass with particular properties make it possible to prevent or reduce the consequences of accidents, break-ins, vandalism, fires.
  • Simple glasses: executed with the skill that has distinguished the company for forty years.
  • Laminated glass: the metal reinforcement that is embedded inside the slab allows to give excellent impact resistance.
  • Printed glass: printed glass is a translucent decorative glass whose designs are obtained by laminating the hot glass tape between two metal cylinders.
  • Layered glass: in the event of a break, an intermediate layer intervenes avoiding the separation of the surrounding glass layers, avoiding dangerous situations.
  • Thermal glasses: reduce heat dispersion, favouring a reduction in costs for the activation of heating systems.
  • Sound-absorbing glass: The sound-absorbing layer improves the acoustic insulation performance and creates a comfortable environment in work and domestic areas.
  • Armored glass: composed of tempered glass sheets guarantee high levels of resistance and limit the risk of injury.
In addition to making glass in our laboratory, we are proudly area resellers and installers of "Decor Le Mani e l'Arte", a manufacturer of panels made of recomposed material for wall cladding.

Our company services

Discover all the services and products that our company offers and ask for a customized solution for your needs.
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Casement and windows

Thanks to our vast experience in our sector, we are able to offer you products of impeccable workmanship, with supply and assembly of thermal glasses even on old casements. We address our work to both individual customers and companies.
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Shower stalls

We provide various types of shower stalls with different glass elements for every need and customization of your bathroom. We guarantee functionality over time and perfect integration with the environment.


We also deal with door glass using the best materials and the most careful work to ensure solidity and elegance, in perfect harmony with your furniture.